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Sassa R350 Grant Payment Dates For November 2023.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has been the main income source for many South African citizens since its establishment in 2005. If you are waiting for your next Sassa payment for Social relief of distress (SRD) grant, you can find the November 2023 payment dates here.

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Stated that over half of South Africa’s population lives below the poverty line, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has become a crucial financial lifeline for many disadvantaged citizens

Sassa distributes a number of permanent grants that individuals can apply for, including the Older Person’s Grant, the Disability Grant, the Care Dependency Grant. the Foster Child Grant, and the War Veteran’s Grant.

In addition, there are other grants such as the Child Support Top Up Grant, designed for guardians of orphaned children, and the Grant-in-Aid, helping Sassa beneficiaries requiring assistance in caring for themselves.

Sassa R350 Grant Payment Dates For November 2023

Beneficiaries who are approved, payments will be processed from 24 – 30 November 2023.

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Here are the payment dates for the 2023/2024 financial year period:

November 2023 24 November 2023 30 November 2023
December 2023 18 December 2023 22 December 023
January 2024 25 January 2024 31 January 2024
February 2024 23 February 2024 29 February 2024
March 2024 25 March 2024 29 March 2024

The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) beneficiaries are encouraged to check the status of their grant application in order for them to see the erxact day the will receive money in their bank account.

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