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Opportunities with THE (IEC) Electoral Commission for the 2024 National and Provincial Elections Programme

Opportunities with the Electoral Commission

Opportunities with the Electoral Commission


The Electoral Commission of South Africa is on the brink of launching the 2024 National and Provincial Elections Programme, a cornerstone of our democratic system. In anticipation of this pivotal event, we extend a unique opportunity for dynamic and dedicated individuals to contribute actively to their communities and the nation at large. Whether you have recently completed your ABET Level 4 or possess a Matric certificate, your enthusiasm and commitment are what matter most. We welcome applicants from all walks of life, regardless of prior experience, as we uphold the principle of equal opportunities for every South African citizen.

Opportunities with the Electoral Commission:

As part of our commitment to fostering a transparent and participatory democratic process, we are offering a range of part-time job opportunities with the Electoral Commission. These roles cater to individuals with varying skills and backgrounds, ensuring that the election process runs smoothly and efficiently. Explore the diverse positions available:

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  1. Voter Registration Assistants:
    • Engage with the public to facilitate the voter registration process.
    • Assist in ensuring accurate and up-to-date voter rolls.
  2. Polling Station Workers:
    • Play a crucial role in the election day operations at polling stations.
    • Support the electoral process and address voter queries.
  3. Voter Education Facilitators:
    • Educate the public on the electoral process and voting procedures.
    • Foster awareness and understanding of democratic principles.
  4. Data Entry Operators:
    • Contribute to the organization and accuracy of electoral data.
    • Ensure the seamless functioning of data management systems.
  5. Event Organizers:
    • Coordinate and manage election-related events and activities.
    • Contribute to the success of public engagements and awareness campaigns.
  6. Communication and Social Media Coordinators:
    • Manage communication channels to disseminate election-related information.
    • Utilize social media platforms to engage with the public.
  7. Drivers and Logistics Support:
    • Provide logistical support to ensure the smooth transport of materials and personnel.
    • Play a vital role in the efficient execution of election-related tasks.
  8. Legal and Compliance Advisors:
    • Offer expertise on legal and compliance matters related to the electoral process.
    • Ensure adherence to electoral laws and regulations.
  9. IT Support Technicians:
    • Provide technical support to maintain and troubleshoot electoral systems.
    • Contribute to the overall technological integrity of the electoral process.

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Requirements for Opportunities with the Electoral Commission:

To be eligible for these part-time opportunities, candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • ABET Level 4 or Matric qualification.
  • No prior experience required; training will be provided.
  • South African citizenship is a must.

Embrace this chance to be an integral part of South Africa’s democratic journey. Join us in ensuring a fair, transparent, and inclusive electoral process that reflects the diversity and strength of our nation. Apply today to play a vital role in shaping the future of our democracy. Together, let’s make a difference.

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