How to build website using Bluehost tutorial: Step-by-step instructions for creating a website

Bluehost Website Builder tutorial: Step-by-step instructions for creating a website
Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started with our step-by-step Bluehost Website Builder instructions.

Here’s a high-level overview of the procedure:

  1. If you haven’t already, get hosting with Bluehost.
  2. Launch the Bluehost Website Builder and create a new site.
  3. Enter the fast start information to get the base design for your site.
  4. Use the complete builder interface to customize your site.
  5. If necessary, create new pages.
  6. Investigate alternative options.
  7. Access the full WordPress dashboard if needed.

Purchase hosting from Bluehost

Bluehost Website Builder, once again, is not a distinct product. Instead, it is compatible with Bluehost’s standard WordPress site hosting plans.

Hence, before you can use Bluehost Website Builder, you must first acquire Bluehost hosting. If you already have Bluehost hosting, you may go on to the next step.

You may utilize any WordPress hosting package, including the most basic. If you’re not sure which one to go with, we’ve broken down Bluehost’s price options here. If you only have one site, the Basic plan will suffice, but if you have numerous sites, you should choose the Plus or Choice Plus plans, which allow you to construct an infinite number of sites:

After you’ve decided, follow the instructions to select a domain name for your site (you get one for free) and set up your Bluehost account.

Launch the Bluehost Website Builder

You must add a new site to your hosting account after purchasing Bluehost website hosting. Bluehost provides a helpful setup process to assist you.

When you initially log in, Bluehost may run this automatically. If it doesn’t, you can always go to your Bluehost dashboard’s My Sites section and select Add Site or Build new site:

After that, you’ll be given the option of installing a “normal” WordPress installation or utilizing Bluehost Website Builder.

Consequently, you should select the option to Begin constructing with Bluehost Website Builder:

You’ll then select the domain name for this site, which should be the free domain name provided by Bluehost when you joined up:

Enter Bluehost Website Builder quick start information

Bluehost will now ask you for some information about your website. Your responses will assist Bluehost in creating the basic design, layout, and content of your site (which you will be able to fully edit).

You can choose one of the pre-defined keywords or input a term linked to your website. In this case, we’ll be creating a website for a restaurant, therefore we’ll look for that term.

Bluehost Website Builder will automatically update the preview based on the term you select:

Then, click on Continue.

Now, you’ll be prompted to enter some basic details, starting with the name of your site:

Use the Continue button to advance to the next step.

We won’t show you a screenshot of every single step, but during this process you will:

  1. Choose your featured cover image. You can upload your own image or pick one of the free stock photos. You can also find more free stock photo sources in this post.
  2. Add your logo. You can use a logo maker (like our free Themeisle Logo Maker) or you can pay a professional to design a logo.
  3. Pick font pairs. It already pairs fonts that work well together – you just need to pick the pair you like best.
  4. Choose site colors. As with fonts, Bluehost Website Builder will automatically suggest unified color palettes that work well together – here are some suggestions for choosing website colors.
  5. Select your navigation style. You can configure the top navigation menu that visitors will use to move around your site.
  6. Add contact info. You can add the contact info that will appear in the footer of your site.

Once you get to the end, you can click Finish to save all of your choices:

Now, Bluehost will create your site for you based on your choices.

Further customize your site using the full interface

At this point in our Bluehost Website Builder tutorial, you should have a basic working website. Now, Bluehost will launch you into the full website builder interface where you can access more granular options to control your site.

Here’s what it looks like:

To customize content on your site, like text, you can just click on the live preview and type:

For other settings, you can use the options in the sidebar.

The Bluehost Website Builder works on the principle of “sections.” Each part of your content is a separate section. You can create the layout of your page by putting together different sections like Legos.

For example, the “cover image” section is the section at the top that includes the big “Welcome to Themeisle Cafe” text.

If you scrolled further down and clicked on the “Subscribe” section, the sidebar would show options to let you customize that specific section:

You can also click the plus icons to add new sections to your page if you want to display more information. You can choose from a ton of different pre-made sections as needed:

Add new pages if needed

The Bluehost Website Builder will automatically create core pages for your website based on your selected niche. For example, you’ll have pages for “Location” and “Contact Us.”

If you want to add more pages, you can go to the Menus & Pages section and click New page:

Or, you can also click on one of the existing pages to customize its content.

When you add a new page, you’ll be able to choose from pre-made page templates or start from scratch. Then, you’ll be able to design your page using sections, just like we showed you above:

If you want to add a blog, you can also select the Blog option on the sidebar.

Explore other Bluehost Website Builder options

There are a lot of different options in the full interface, so we can’t show you every single option in our Bluehost Website Builder tutorial.

However, we still encourage you to explore the interface to see if there might be additional settings that are useful to you. The Bluehost Website Builder offers a visual, real-time preview, so you’ll see any changes as soon as you make them.

You can also easily undo/redo actions using the menu at the top, so you can always undo your change(s) if you make a mistake.

Open the WordPress dashboard for more customization

As we mentioned earlier, one of the nice things about Bluehost Website Builder is that it’s based on WordPress. This means that if you ever want more flexibility, you can always open the full WordPress dashboard.

You can do this by clicking the WP Admin option in the Bluehost Website Builder:

Then, you’ll be in the regular WordPress dashboard – it looks something like this:

You can always jump back to the full website builder by clicking the Website Builder link in your WordPress dashboard (highlighted above).

Aside: If you’re wondering how Bluehost Website Builder works with WordPress, it’s actually simply a theme. As a result, you should avoid changing your theme in the dashboard because doing so will cause the website builder to cease operating until you reactivate the website builder theme.


Get started with Bluehost Website Builder today

Bluehost Website Builder offers a beginner-friendly way to make a website. The nice thing about it, in comparison to other website builders, is that it’s still based on WordPress, which means you get the flexibility of the WordPress software with the simplicity of a website builder.

Bluehost Website Builder is available on any of Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plans, so you can get started for just a few dollars per month.

To begin, purchase Bluehost hosting today, choose Bluehost Website Builder when adding your site, and follow this tutorial to launch your site.

Do you still have any questions about our Bluehost Website Builder tutorial? Let us know in the comments!

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