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Anglo American South Africa hiring X500 people

Anglo American South Africa hiring X500 people

Anglo American Unlocking Opportunities

*Discover a World of Career Excellence

About Us’Anglo American South Africa

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bark on a journey of unparalleled professional growth with Anglo American. We offer diverse career paths for technical and professional individuals,  a dynamic and rewarding employment experience for young talents entering the mining industry.

* Our Commitment to Excellence
* Upholding Safety and Support
* Fostering Ethical Work Practices
* Embracing Core Values

Recruitment and Selection Anglo American

* Attracting Top Talent
* Fair and Compliant Processes
* Equitable Selection

Developing Our People Anglo American South Africa

* Igniting Engagement
* Challenge and Development
* Substantial Investment in Growth
* Opportunities for Advancement
* Platinum, Iron Ore, and Thermal Coal Programs

**Explore Your Potential**

* Browse Current High-Impact Vacancies

Strength in Diversity

* Harnessing the Power of Diversity
* Fueling Creativity and Innovation
* Inclusivity in Local Communities
* Empowering Women in the Workforce
* Elevating Historically Disadvantaged South Africans

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